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How do I integrate PointFast into my ESP (e.g. MailChimp)?

Using PointFast on top of your existing ESP is easy: (a) You specify URL of the webpage. (b) We convert your URL into a Trackable URL. (c) You insert our Trackable URL into your email campaign.

What data does PointFast gather about the user?

We gather the user's email and track the amount of time a specific user spends on specific pages of your website and/or document. An example of the analytics include:
     - spent 82 seconds on the Pricing webpage on his iPhone in Washington DC.
     - read 3 pages of the Whitepaper for 2 minutes on her desktop in NYC.

Is PointFast GDRP compliant?

We fully respect the subscriber's rights to their data. To that end, we allow subscribers to easily trash or request an export of the data we have about them. All they have to do is provide us with their email address.

Does the PointFast Web Tracking JavaScript impact my website's speed?

We use an asynchronous JavsScript load so there's no impact on the speed of your website.

If my website is powered by WordPress, should I use the PointFast WordPress Plugin?

Yes! The PointFast WordPress Plugin automatically places the PointFast Web Tracking JavaScript code on each and every page of your WordPress site--including new pages that get added after the Plugin's been installed.

Would my website visitors know that the PointFast Web Tracking JavaScript is on my website?

No. There's no visual "mark" that the PointFast Web Tracking JavaScript makes on your website.
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